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A really fuckin awesome hardcore punk band. You either hate them or your totally in love with them.

They have a unique sound and there live shows are crazay!!
Comeback Kid kicks some major ass!
by the comeback kids August 19, 2007
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Someone who had graduated high school yet still continues to come back to said school during breaks and lunch, usually they're men 18 and older.

The comeback kid is sometimes referred to as a "perv" or "pathetic." But I prefer to think of them as just desperate for some pussy.
Girl #1: So what are you doing for lunch today?
Girl #2: I'm going with (random guys name).
Girl #1: Didn't he graduate like 3 years ago?
Girl #2: Yeah.
Girl #1: Fucking comeback kid.
by stephiebabyy August 14, 2009
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