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A really fuckin awesome hardcore punk band. You either hate them or your totally in love with them.

They have a unique sound and there live shows are crazay!!
Comeback Kid kicks some major ass!
by the comeback kids August 19, 2007
A comeback kid is someone who apparently has no chances with a member of the opposite sex, but makes a remarkable comeback and re-establishes romantic possibilities with the other person. This usually requires skill, grace, awareness, and tactical nuance. Potential comeback kids need to be aware of the power struggle dynamic in an interaction as well as focus theory: if they hold someone’s focus, their chances of coming from behind to victory is much greater than they would have expected.
Guy 1: I’m gonna be a comeback kid and I want to find the words I need to say.
Guy 2: Ayo comeback kid, if I see you touch my girl, you’re dead meat. You have no chance homo. She doesn’t like you.
Guy 1: I’m gonna be a comeback kid and I want to be the one that’s not afraid with my head held high.
by Eric Kazinsky January 13, 2016
Someone who had graduated high school yet still continues to come back to said school during breaks and lunch, usually they're men 18 and older.

The comeback kid is sometimes referred to as a "perv" or "pathetic." But I prefer to think of them as just desperate for some pussy.
Girl #1: So what are you doing for lunch today?
Girl #2: I'm going with (random guys name).
Girl #1: Didn't he graduate like 3 years ago?
Girl #2: Yeah.
Girl #1: Fucking comeback kid.
by stephiebabyy August 14, 2009

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