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A decoration put on a blog. Colorbars commonly contain images tinted in six colors, with the caption "(Subject of pictures) is love." Originally, the colorbar was meant to support gay marriage with the caption "Marriage is love," and colored blocks, instead of tinted images, but since then they have been adapted for celebrities, tv shows, sports teams and other things.
If you check my profile on LiveJournal, you'll notice I put a Family Guy colorbar on it because I'm a big fan of the show.
by NYandwhat December 21, 2004
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What Stock Footage instantly turns into when it is discovered.
In the following example Speaker B's failed Stock Footage is revealed to Speaker A to be Color Bars

Speaker B: "... yeah totally... "

Speaker A; "So can you even blame her? After all that it turns out that her cat Snuggles had been been run over by a U-Haul just that morning! "

Speaker B: "... that's awesome ... "

Speaker A: "Are you even listening to me?"

Speaker B: "Umm..."
by Sergeant Hoze March 20, 2006
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