A cold brew
I sure could enjoy a cold one right here under my mosquito-proof tent right now.
by Melanie July 14, 2003
Strong Bad's favorite beer.
"A hot one isn't a cold one at all. A warm one's... almost a cold one."
by Luigi February 24, 2003
A drink featured at Homestar Runner. It seems to be Strong Bad's favorite drink.
"A one that is not cold is hardly a one at all."
by ssbmeleemaster June 06, 2003
Cold One® Branded Ice Compression Wraps to stop pain and stop swelling from soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains, pulled tendons or ligaments.

Cold One® Wraps are the branded trade name of the manufacturer Two Cool Inc.

by TwoCoolInc June 09, 2009
A one that is cold,the oneatude of a one is directly connected to the coldatude of the one
the colder one is the more of a one it is
by Dragon Paul July 27, 2003
A slightly alcoholic drink found in glass bottles that can be measured by it's "coldness properties"
Oh man, now that's a nice cold one!
by M_Kitsune June 21, 2003
A person under the influence of unknown diseases that makes it genetically impossible to ever feel warmth,
She was like...I'm not even sure, a cold one.
by isabella serone inglacia December 15, 2008
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