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The phrase "cold hard cash" was coined by merchants and traders who were used to handling coins that, because they had a high gold and silver content, were warm and soft and did not wear very well. When more durable metals came into use it was generally noticed that they were cold and hard.

In the cut and thrust of commerce a lot of transactions rely on the use of cheques and various forms of credit. Where these are not favoured the phrase "cold hard cash" applies to both coins and notes which are immediately available, or ready, as a form of payment.
Don't know how to express it in a sentence so let's make it a joke. " Q:Why did the robber put his money in the freezer? A: Because he wanted cold hard cash!"
by LukeTheGamer January 29, 2016
when you got a brick of hundred dollar bills hidden in the freezer.
Antonio: aye homie, you got any pizza in the freezer I can take home?
Asif: no holmes, just some cold hard cash.
by rhodeislandreptilian November 26, 2013
A term for a good amount of cash; physical money.
Here, have a 2000. Yes it's real. Cold hard cash, baby!
by stormychild April 01, 2016
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