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Those little annoying pieces of fucking shit that come live on you're lip (uninvited) for 2 weeks.
They fucking suck
They come at the worst fucking time possible.
Like when you get a new girlfriend.

And you don't want to give her a cold sore.
So no kissing.
And when you go to a new school.
You have a huge fucking nasty lump on you're lip.
They suck ass.

Cold sores suck fucking ass they are bull shit......Non of the medicines work.
by cold sore killa December 17, 2009
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A type of facial sore that's found either on the lips or on the skin near the mouth. Caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1, not the HSV2, which is typically known as genital herpes.
"hey, i have a fever blister!"
"you have a what?"
"a cold sore, it's the same thing. i need some Abreva."
"oh, you card!"
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The biggest cock block of ALL TIME.

They make you unable to kiss anyone for what can be weeks.

They also somehow know the exact moment that will cause the most detriment, and will crash your face like it's nobody's business.
As I write this I am being cock blocked by my cold sore because there is a very fit girl in the next room but I can't get busy with her. FMLip.
by unfortunateman June 02, 2011
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Sally and I were going to go all the way tonight, but she has a cold sore and I just couldn't look at that face anymore.
by Rick Nickers February 10, 2011
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Common version of Herpes Simplex Complex 1 (HVC1). A highly virulent virus.

Most common form is a red blister-like sore on or around the mouth, but it can show up within the mouth and on other areas of the face as well. Typical symptoms last 8 to 12 weeks, in which the virus swells, breaks, blisters over, then disappears. Before showing up, the virus makes the skin tingle or itch.

Extremely transmittable. Typical infection occurs with skin-to-skin contact with someone who already has the virus, but can also be spread using utensils, bottles, lip stick, lip balm, pipes, ETC(...) that an infected individual has used.

Transmission can be prevented not engaging in kissing or oral sex with a person experiencing an outbreakl, not sharing drinks or other objects that could be in the mouth, and washing hands often.

HPC1 is estimated to have infected 80% of people living in the U.S. Personal opinion: they're not a huge deal.
I would love to kiss you, it's just that... I have a cold sore.

Oh, that's alright. We can just cuddle for now.
by skinnymic November 18, 2010
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1. A disease or individual you treat as an infection. Someone regarded as a pest, inferior being or boring/annoying.

2. Someone who has cold sores on their face.
1. Dude, youre such a cold sore, just go away. 'Youre bugging me'

2. Ew, did you see that cold sore Vitale had on his face? Why are you talking to him!!!!
by Slomer December 27, 2007
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The polite word people use when they try and tell someone that they have Herpes
"I was wiping my ass the other day and I found a cold sore right in the crack"
by Jersey January 29, 2003
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