When you hold your hand in a "karate-style" fashion, then, with a ramming motion, jam it up an unsuspecting person's ass crack. (Optional) Then yell "COLD FISH!"
John was unpleasantly supprised when I gave him a Cold Fish in the bowling alley parking lot.
by Joe Baker June 05, 2007
Top Definition
A sex partner who is either not receptive, or not providing any emotional or physical feedback during copulation.
Perhaps something was on his mind, but the cold fish watched while I did all the work.
by David Chen December 14, 2003
Female sexual partner who remains 'unactive' during lovemaking, physically cold & non-responsive.

Making love with her is no fun at all.She doesn't move or interact at all.She's a coldfish !
by Ref . A November 19, 2007
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