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A girl that have curves, refering to ass and nice size tits.
Damn girl u got a body, you shaped like a coke bottle, now walk with it for me like a Hollywood model.
by Mac Daddy March 03, 2005
A term used to describe prescription eyeglasses that are very thick. They can make a person's eyeballs appear much larger than they really are.
Look at the coke bottle glasses on that chick! She looks like a sea bass!
by curlingguy February 23, 2005
Step One) Cut the bottom off a two liter coke bottle.
Step Two) Attach a plastic bag on the bottom of the coke bottle with a rubber band, make sure the only air escaping out of the coke bottle is through the top where coke would normally come out of.
Step Three) Either put a ratchet head, a bowl with rubber around it, or aluminium foil on the top to put the weed in.
Step Four) While the bag is still attached to the bottom of the bottle push the bag into the bottle.
Step Five) Light the weed and pull the bag out making sure there is suction and the smoke starts going into the bottle.
Step Six) Remove the bowl on the top and push the bag so the smoke goes deep into your lungs.
Dam the smoke in that coke bottle is all yellow one hit of that and ill be passed out and still be high in the morning; who is making waffles in the morning?? kordian you ate all the doughnuts???
by p guuse October 13, 2009
when a female is tossing off a male and keeps her thumb over the top of his penis making it hard for him to cum, like when you shake up a coke bottle the pressure buils up behind it
" omg i coke bottle Justin last night you should have seen his face so funny! "
by Smurfy C January 08, 2009
coke bottle area.

this girl got a coke bottle stuck up here!!!
ow. . thats my coke bottle area
by 20penceonline August 10, 2009
The exact size and shape of Jay-Z's cock.
R_kelly: Wow, Jay-Z has a cock like a coke bottle..and I just sucked it.
by Digitalnonsense November 15, 2006
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