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A coffeehead is someone who enjoys drinking 6 to 7 cups of coffee a day, preferably in a cafe with their laptop so everyone can see them write.

Coffeeheads can usually be picked out doing:
- buying coffee
- dressing like their grandma/grandpa
- smoking cigarettes
- listening to somewhat indie music that no one has ever heard of, but plays constantly in cafes
- petting a fat cat
- reading/writing a novel
and things along those lines

Coffeeheads can usually be picked out wearing:
- mocassins
- skinny jeans that aren't too tight
- sweater vests/cardigans
- thick frame glasses
- some form of a beret
- a laptop/camera bag
- flannels
- scarfs (for men and women)
- a large purse/man bag
- tattoos and/or gauges
Chelsgay: "oh my god, i need coffee. i only had 2 cups today."
Chelsgay: "and i can't wear my mocassins because i just got my foot tattoo'd."
Chelsgay: "put on some dallas green, i need to calm down!"
Tricy: "go write a book in a cafe. you're such a fucking coffeehead, man."

chelsgay from myspace
by tricyy April 19, 2009
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A coffee addict that has perceivable mental fluctuations due to the amount of caffeine they consume. This persons personality is deformed in a measurable way which is subjectively viewed as either a negative or positive due to outcomes from coffee fueled action. A coffee head may have tension comparable to an amphetamine addict and can act anxiously and become erratic before and after their addictions consumption.
This definition is written by a coffee head.

*note - Many coffee heads smoke cigarettes copiously.

* Also an issue of "darkhorse presents comics" which I stupidly gave to someone as payment for weed.
*man Tony is a hardcore coffee head!
*Did you hear him ranting about teleportation for 15 minutes in the lunchroom?
*Yeah he was shaking...
*Do not go near him before he has his third cup.
*His eye twitches you know...
*Yeah I know but he gets the highest sales every month though, even beats Steve.
by Coffee Head August 07, 2013
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