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coffeecreams a place to hang out and get the fuckin piss taken out of you by sunneh and anna . but it has cool peeps like olderama ken and ginge who rock
hey hi everyone is this coffeecreams.
yeah now how old, r u good lookin, cos we r a pair of sex mad biaaches
and that ginge is one gay mofo
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
1 Word related to coffeecreams
raz rocks too btw tbh
<GSVRaz306> Hi!
<GSVSomeone> Omg raz, he rocks! :D
by Not Raz May 01, 2003
Xyken rules and so does oldie they make a good couple sept oldies knob is too big for the house.

Knutsfud rocks
ya mam
by Xyken May 01, 2003

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