Minted by legendary ODOT workhorse Monica K. to mean "get enough caffeine in my system to make this mind-numbingly boring task/meeting/concept/social environment/monotonous auditory drone tolerable for exactly the length of time it will last and not one (expletive deleted) instant longer.
You'd best coffee up, this meeting is liable to be about the importance of "affect" versus "effect" in spoken correspondence.


I'm gonna coffee up, this may get dull.


Coffee up, bitches, this ain't stir your cesspool one damn bit.
by Ken no Oni September 04, 2008
Top Definition
verb. to drink coffee in conscious preparation for needed alertness and mental stamina. variation of "cowboy up."
I have to coffee up before boring seminars at work; otherwise I'll sleep through them.

If I don't coffee up by 10 am, I can't get anything done all day.
by Ryan Anderson July 06, 2007

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