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the coffee that gets ingrained into the skin of your right hand when you work at a coffee shop. caused by wiping the coffee spill from the shot arm after loading it up. this is then promptly wiped onto the right side of an apron it takes a lot of washing with non-bio to get it off properly.
hello nice to meet you! (shake hands)oh sorry, please excuse my coffee hand...
by filthyhand October 03, 2007

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The syndrome of being disabled in one had by coffee.
It is early in the morning. You may be on a river trip you may not. Coffeehand can happen anywhere. However this syndrome is most common on a river trip, in the morning, while you are trying to rig a boat, or do any task with coffee in your hand. You can't set the cup down or you can't drink the coffee. You are rendered disabled, by coffee; you are left with only one free hand.
by Coffeehand the River Avenger August 29, 2009