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a nap induced by the consumption of copious amounts of coffee, typically the result of either incredibly high caffeine tolerance or exhaustion from such overinduldence
Man, I just slammed a french press and I'm totally wiped; time for a coffee nap.
#caffeine nap #food coma #coffee coma #anti-jazz #de-stoke
by lawndart86 December 10, 2011
A nap taken after someone has consumed any amount of caffeine (i.e. coffee) resulting not in sleep, but blissful rest, while still mildly conscious.
Evelyn: Hey Kaitlyn, how was your coffee nap?
Kaitlyn: It was fantastic I listened to the whole LOVE album, while seeming to float on a cloud.
Evelyn: Awesome! I just had a latte, about to have a coffee nap of my own!
#caffenap #tea nap #not-a-nap #awakebutasleep #napornot
by KMFD September 24, 2007
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