Shortened phrase of 'Fuck Of'

Pronounced "cough"
Person 1: Your a gronk

Person 2: Cof mate
by bigeMe January 30, 2012
Top Definition
Cum On Face - Sexual act often used when describing services offered by an escort.
The escort I saw last night provided cof in addition to bbbj and fs
by AndyRBR January 11, 2006
Circle of Friends. Where everybody is close to everybody in a group of close family and friends.
Who's going to be at the party? Oh, just the cof's of course.

I love the cof's!
by jheart September 22, 2008
(Cup of Fart) It is when you cup your hand to your butt and fart in it. Then quickly bring your hand to your nose and smell it.
by Shrek June 05, 2003
Cradle Of Filth!... it is not a cup of fart its a band
a really really awsome band!
by lynzee January 23, 2005
Choked on Food. Used as a short form for texting or chatting. It means that the other person said something funny or outrageous while you were eating.
G: "The new girl is wearing a hat that looks like a va-jay-jay."

H: COF! I was eating a cookie when I read that!!! Nice!

G: "Thx"
by People'sPoet April 29, 2011
Cradle of Filth. Extreme metal band..
Myspace Kid #1 - Hey,whats all that noise and stuff?

Myspace Kid #2 - Oh. Thats just CoF
by IAmTheOcean July 03, 2010
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