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A sort of term of endearment for boys (and I suppose girls) named Cody. Also, a "cutsie" nickname.
Why so sad, codybear?
Youre fuckin sexy like codybear!
by Nerual& March 06, 2007
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a fat pig that is mean to me and my freinds. an insult to the lowest amount of cock barf. to call someone a codybear is a horrible and terrible thing to do. for going to hell or sumthing like that. i think the only thing that would like him would have to be a blind child with arthritis in a coma!!!!
hey you bitch quit being a codybear!!!!!!
by Tommy Tha Pizzimp September 07, 2004
a jive turky. an idiot who is gay with dogs.
your gay like codybear!!!
by Tommy September 09, 2004

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