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a very hot guy who goes out with slutty girls to get some and doesnt relize that the one who truly loves him is his best friend. hes cute smart can usually play guitar. sings amazingly. dark brown hair curly super super cute when straightend. brown eyes amazing smile. gets in trouble alot but always talks his way out of it. if your a cody reading this think of your best friend thats a girl just think. did you ever think you could love her? is what people usually say to him cody is funny cute and allaround good guy hes wounded in the heart department and are usually depressed but has someone there for him mostly when he lets her in. basically everone loves cody simple because he is a cody
girl one: ohh hes super cute who is he
girl two: his name is cody
girl one: no wonder hes cute funny and seems like a trouble maker

i wish i had a cody
by SeasoftheFallen June 26, 2011
13 23
A stupid piece of shit boyfriend. Is a total ass hole to everyone. He has longish dark brown hair, brown eyes, a long tounge, a VERY bad complection , and discusting neck. Plays lacrosse, and a good runner. Shows off a lot, and is embarassing to be around.
Ewe, look at that guy showing off.

He's such a Cody....
by Z1a2n3z4i5b6a7r8 October 22, 2011
5 16
An individual who causes dismay or disruption within an organized system such as a school or business.
#1: That kid's always getting us in trouble!
#2: I know, he's such a cody!
by omgitswtsb May 22, 2011
5 16
That self loathing, good for nothing, guy, who breaks your heart, never apologizes, and always thinks he's right.
Wow dude, you're such a Cody.
by MAWWLW1939 April 09, 2011
17 32
another word for gay and specifically refers to Cody Lim in Los Angeles school for enriched studies
by IEATBALLSACKS February 17, 2011
9 31
A mythical creature that has the head of a lion and the body/neck of a giraffe. A cody is said to inhabit dark caves in Finland, China, and Southern Ontario. At night, they are rumoured to turn into werewolves and enter urban areas eating the tails off of cats.
I was so scared last night when I was walking my cat and could swear I saw a cody run by.
by The more you know. April 26, 2009
71 101
A boy who is ugly as hell. He has a small penis, therefor, his nickname is "Chodey" in Chode. Which is a short fat penis, and Cody himself is short and fat. He is a player, even though, really, no girl would ever talk to him... he just thinks they will. Hes a grade-A douchebag and will never be loved by anyone... not even his mom.
Him? Oh, thats what a chode looks like, A.K.A, cody.
by sarah-amy January 15, 2011
20 52