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Is an amazingly beautiful, hot, sexy man. He knows how to please his lover very well. He also loves to cuddle with her. He's amazing. He's also very lovable and funny. He can dance very good too.
Girl 1: "Hey guess what!"
Girl 2: "what?"
Girl 1: "I'm dating Cody!!!"
Girl 2: "Holy crap! You're so fucking lucky!!"
by spiderqueen December 25, 2011
Someone that you find extremely pretty. Someone that you'll always find attractive, even on his/her worst days. You could use this word to describe a guy or girl, but it's usually used for a girl.
"Wow, she's beautiful!"

"My boyfriend is beautiful!"
by spiderqueen December 12, 2011
A hoe that cheats on her boyfriend. She's stupid and ugly. She likes to blame things on other people and drag them down with her. She pretends to be sweet when you first meet her then as you get close to her she starts to be a bitch. She's also fake and tries her hardest to be a hipster.
Aye Constance, you're a bitch!
by spiderqueen December 12, 2011

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