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a man's penis
I took out my cod piece after dinner and slapped my girl in the face.
by girtsmith March 01, 2011
1)A pouch that holds male genitalia for easy access.
Why do all the people on "Reign" wear a codpiece?
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
A thong-like cover for your male junk that almost always has padding. Has a design on it.
Sigfried and Roy both wear fabulously fruity Cod Pieces.
by Southpark69666 October 05, 2005
Cod Piece derived from Daniel Radcliffes inner inviting thighs.
Onlooker: (Asks in an interested manner) "Daniel, whats that large object between your legs"
Dan Rad: (Thrusts hips forward and places hands upon hips) "Oh, ch-what, a- thats a- just a- my a- cod piece." (Circulates codpiece and does the rumba)
by The Potter Patrol- Members1&2 March 04, 2014
A 15-16th century bra for male genitalia.
Yet to be invented, suggest: DD cup codpiece.
by Historianlizzie October 11, 2013
The xbox 360 controller when being used to play COD
Hand me that cod piece would you.
by Laha345 March 16, 2009
A piece of cod.
"Do you want any salt on that codpiece?"
by Dudley Boys October 16, 2009