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1)A pouch that holds male genitalia for easy access.
Why do all the people on "Reign" wear a codpiece?
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
377 19
A thong-like cover for your male junk that almost always has padding. Has a design on it.
Sigfried and Roy both wear fabulously fruity Cod Pieces.
by Southpark69666 October 05, 2005
80 21
A 15-16th century bra for male genitalia.
Yet to be invented, suggest: DD cup codpiece.
by Historianlizzie October 11, 2013
7 2
Cod Piece derived from Daniel Radcliffes inner inviting thighs.
Onlooker: (Asks in an interested manner) "Daniel, whats that large object between your legs"
Dan Rad: (Thrusts hips forward and places hands upon hips) "Oh, ch-what, a- thats a- just a- my a- cod piece." (Circulates codpiece and does the rumba)
by The Potter Patrol- Members1&2 March 04, 2014
4 0
The xbox 360 controller when being used to play COD
Hand me that cod piece would you.
by Laha345 March 16, 2009
29 36
a man's penis
I took out my cod piece after dinner and slapped my girl in the face.
by girtsmith March 01, 2011
13 31
A piece of cod.
"Do you want any salt on that codpiece?"
by Dudley Boys October 16, 2009
24 46