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thats a girl that u don even want to have her look at you...shes so ugly that you need a cross and holly water to get rid of her...also known as mark of he beast.
jaquan loves code reds.
by cf game December 30, 2009
3 39
"Code Red" generally applies to any girl who in that particular situation (e.g. The Griffin Inn, Dale) looks quite attractive due to there being a lack of any actually attractive girls in the vicinity. As a result this girl will suddenly find herself idolised and surrounded by up to twenty suitors (posing as a film crew for example) very quickly.
Me: 'Yo, yo! Code Red, over there!'

Pimp: 'Jean Claude Van DAMN she's fine'
by Gooneytothemax July 21, 2009
141 82
describes the condition when diarrhea is inevitable and a restroom of any sort must be found immediately. This is preceded by code yellow and followed by the dreaded code brown.
Uncle Charlie rushed to the nearest bathroom as his condition worsened to Code Red. It was likely to be a photo finish.
by Alfonso P. McLean April 13, 2004
172 156
A rule, code, convention or practice that is unwritten so it is plausibly deniable by those who order, use and/or enforce it. It is unwritten because it is illegal, unethical, amoral, unconstitutional, and/or violates social conventions, sworn oaths, the Rule of Law, Natural Law and/or the democratic Process
In the movie, "A Few Good Men", Colonel Jessup had his subordinates execute a plausibly deniable Code Red to physically discipline another soldier under his command.
by Don Mashak,The Cynical Patriot October 09, 2013
10 2
A person that one might strongly want to avoid.
Rosalind- "...yeah totally, same"

*dude that Rosalind hates walks in*

Emily- "oh shiz! CODE RED CODE RED CODE RED!!!"
by Rosalinda Coocaracas November 24, 2013
4 2
Military term for highest authority action given primarily in extermination by all means necessary.
Execute order code red, kill everyone.
by Mj. Steve August 11, 2007
86 94
When ones period falls at a very inconvenient time, like say a festival, a weekend at the in-laws, sitting on a bus in a white skirt (two unfortunate situations going on there!)
GUY "Oh god I'm so horny, I want you so bad..."

sound of tent and sleeping bags rustling ...

GIRL (moaning) "Yeah stick your fingers in my pussy.."

GUY "Oh yeah baby you're so wet ...."

GUY screams!!!! "FUCK!!! Code red code red!!!!!! fucking skanky bitch!!!! BABY WIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by smeggles182 June 10, 2010
27 52
The process of a woman putting her period blood into a empty water bottle then, somone ellse drinking the blood out of said water bottle.
Linda: Last night,Carl drank some of my Code Red. Debra: What Moutain Dew? Linda: Surrreee.........
by Rehpotsirhc1111 January 09, 2011
12 40