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When a human specimen is considered very attractive to the opposite sex. In this happening, usually the Male specimen would try to engage in Relationship with the Female specimen(or vice versa). In doing this, the male specimen(or female)will try to engage in sexual contact. This is when the male specimen sticks his PENIS into the womans VAGINA and the males PENIS will squirt a white liquid called semen or as they call it in west Canada "Jizz". Usually the male would have a Latex covering(Condom) over his erect PENIS trying to stop the Jizz(semen) from entering through the Fallopian tubes(part of the VAGINA) of the female. After the intercourse, the male(or female) would usually not call the female after they engage in this beautiful ritual called sex. After doing this the male would tell all his friends through myspace, text, or in person that he "hooked up" with this "code 14".
"Damn dude, check out that code 14 with that nice body, i gotta hit that shit"
by ZangiefIsTheGreatest October 24, 2007
A code word to other bros that she is too young.
Nah bro, code 14.
by beastwill September 08, 2012
When you eat out someones asshole.
"hey your the master of the code 14"
by mike May 26, 2004
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