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a person that plays a call of duty game most of there day/week. consumes more than 5 hours of there lifes each day
GUY1:"dude! i played call of duty 4 all week on spring break."
GUY2:"you seriously need some fresh air your such a codaholic."
#codfever #gamer #nolife #nerd #geek
by xlx Conman xlx December 25, 2009
a person who in the act of talking to one's significant other also doubles in playing Call of Duty. These people often lose relationships quickly due to their affair with the game system contoller. These people also may get off to the vibration of said controllers because no human being will stick around long enough to help.
CODaholic: I just totally PWNed that bitch
Girlfriend: please talk to me
CODaholic: Shut the fuck up, i'm in a domination round.
Girlfriend: don't talk to me like that
CODaholic: HEll Yea i just raped em
GIRLFRIEND:WE"re so DONE!!*hangs up phone*
CODaholic: hell yea!!! another kill!!
#codaholic #pwned #girlfriend #cod #noob
by FlawlesImperfection January 01, 2011
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