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Short for Call of Duty 3. An upcoming game to come out in either Fall '06 or Early '07 (No major confirmation). Follow up game of Call of Duty 2 (aka Cod2)for the PC and Xbox 360 (maybe ps2). Cod3 is to come out for the Xbox 360, but not the PC. Also rumored to come out for the Nintendo Wii (wtf).
Dude, I just reserved Cod3 at Gamestop!
by Lanny Ellis August 05, 2006
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CoD 3= Call Of Duty 3, which is a popular video game for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PC.

CoD 3 is the incorrect way to say Call Of Duty 3 People say CoD 3 because they are too lazy to say Call of duty.
Friend 1:"Hey dude, lets go play some cod 3."

Friend 2:"Don't you mean cod: 3?"

Friend 1:"Same thing!"
by COD3man November 02, 2009

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