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an asian diluted by his generation who loses all ties with his origin and becomes a dkhed.
noticed by long hair copper highlights and dont know their asian language, hindi, urdu , punjabi or gujrati
act like prcks and are the scum of the earth to all asians(COCUNUTS MAINLY COMPRISE OF HINDUS...ABOUT 99.6%)
Avi is the king of all cocunuts
that idiot needs to be slapped came to my house and said he loved the beryani and samasas
by jiggaman March 29, 2005
6 9

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Brown on the outside, white on the inside. Basically, someone of South Asian descent that has been horridly white-washed.
"What? Who is Shahrukh Khan?"
"Damn you cocunut, he's yo' mama"
by lalalalala May 20, 2004
17 8