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A conjunction of the words cock and wank in order to achieve a word that is a derrogatory term reffering to someone who is a complete cunt. The double word/hyphen combo give it a very lengthy presence, however the sharp c and k sounds make for a very hard hitting delivery
Barney is a complete cock-wank
by Beat-Hoven February 14, 2006
This word (noun) is used to descibe a situation where something goes wrong.
(Upon breaking one's neck) "Oh cockwank"
by JoeW May 08, 2006
Used as an insult, normally a none serious one as it promotes laughter.
What a cock wank!!!!
by mznxbcv October 22, 2007
To discribe A 10/10 bird that gives you the horn without physical contact.
Out in a club/bar and you see a girl thats looking real fit,you turn to ya mates and point her out by saying
"check out the little cock wank over in the corner"
by Dubber May 19, 2006