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Synonymous with asshole, perhaps a bit more derogatory.
Those elitist cockwaffles won't let anybody who doesn't make 6 figures a year join their gym.
by *Patches* September 13, 2005
71 32
A “cock waffle” has at two (or more) definitions.

A) An insult, usually used when someone (or something) has been bad. Cock waffle is an example of foul language where the word “waffle” has been added after a word to create a new foul language term.

B) A waffle in the shape of a cock.
A) I had almost finished when my cock waffle of a computer suddenly turned itself off.

B) “I love u cockwaffle”.
by too-many-grouchy-people September 16, 2007
65 12
a jackass , dumb person who has the looks of cock and the brain of a waffle , the origin of this word is it was randomly created on a cuss word generator. How to tell if your a cockwaffle is if your called it you are puzzled by it since you never have heard it before.
Mr.E you are such a COCKWAFFLE .
by RedddlyGREYyyyy January 26, 2011
13 1
A type of Sexual Breakfast which can be eaten in bed or elsewhere
Im going to have some cockwaffles with my fucky charms
by John Waffels May 01, 2008
51 39
Neither a cock] nor waffle], a cockwaffle is a person who is filled with exceptional amounts of douchebaggery].
Someone recently said to me that whoever SEOChamp is, he certainly is a cockwaffle]
by Eric Lander September 10, 2008
24 20
Cockwaffle a term used to describe a mans penis which has been inserted into a waffle iron. Thus making his cock a waffle.
Usually this happens when either a man acidentally falls onto the table he was making his breakfast waffles while naked and waffles his own penis. Or in other instances it happens when the male is a huge douchebag and a female realizes this and decides when he says he wants waffles bitch she takes it opon herself to cockwaffle him.
by Biii7CH June 03, 2010
3 13
what happens when you end up getting too drunk to stick to the cock block you were planning for your friend to keep him from taking home the fat chick.


Sobering up at the end of the evening and realizing that the girl your buddy was hitting on isn't as hot as you thought so you don't try and cockblock him and take her home.

Depends on your motivation for cockblocking.
"Dude, why'd you cockwaffle last night? You knew I was too drunk to judge how ugly that chick was.

Sorry man, I ended up getting just as drunk and I cockwaffled cause she started getting better looking"

"I'm glad I started drinking water at the end of the night and totally cockwaffled on that chick that Bobby took home."
by Prof. PILF October 09, 2009
4 14