similar to a "heart throb" but instead of wooing the heart, it woos the cock.
"Some would call you a heart throb, I would file you in under cock throb."
by the mooninites December 12, 2008
Top Definition
A really good looking girl.
Oh God, Stacey is such a cockthrob!
by jaydawg February 19, 2005
The sensation one gets around the penis after intercourse
hay julie i have 'cock throb'
by wuddawhist February 26, 2009
When one of your friends is talking about something you can't put up with anymore and say cock throb to end the conversation.
Ron: My refrac is back boys
Dave: Cock throb
Ron: Fuck I need to talk to someone about it
by Lube Nudeman April 27, 2015
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