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describing someone so gay and sneeky that they can steal your anatomy and, at the same time, your heterosexuality without you ever realizing till it's too late.
Person one: "Hey! you best keep your hands cupped over your scrotum and cock, because that young fellow over there is one sneeky little cockthief!"

Person two: "Okay."

by Dismal Euphony December 07, 2006
A man that will cockblock you then attempt to fuck the girl you were macking on
Tony:Look at Jeff macking on that chick over there
Greg: WTF?! He just cockblocked me from that girl
Tony:What a cockthief
by ak47=fag March 03, 2011
An unappealing that woman that provokes performance issues in a male suitor.
The bar was closing and there was no one left except for this cock thief. I took her home and I was right.
by Richard Hood January 16, 2009