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Involving straight jackets and feathers.
"I can't wait for marathon cockteasing to be recognized as a legitamate olympic sport, I'd take home the gold fo' so' baby!" -- A. Whoreski.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh March 09, 2010
4 8
Used by women to gain power and/or humilate male friends and colleagues by the art of making perfectly normal men turn in to delusional idiots when they think the cock teaser actually has been wanting sex with them.

The magnitude of the effect is directly proportional to the time spent being teased and/or your position within the organisation
"That bitch has lead me on for weeks! And I told her the plans for our management restructure!"
"What a cock teasing you've had!"
by BrettS June 11, 2005
174 59
Its when you are jerking off but you dont come.You're jerking and you feel yourself about to nut and you stop yourself.Then you start jerking again.Then you stop.
Woman in bed to Man:Are you jerking off.

Man:Nope.Just cock teasing.


by Jason acer July 07, 2011
11 12