a very rare marine creature that instead of 8 long tenticles has 8 long cocks, each more than capable of performing in a variety of sexual situations.

This creature was labeled as extinct in the late 20th Century, but scientists have routinely observed it in it's natural habitat. Google it up, preferably while at work and with your supervisor(s)looking on, (it will show them how smart you are).
The cocktapus awoke this morning to find it almost drowned overnight in a sea of gism due to 8 consecutive wet dreams.

I brought my pet cocktapus into my urologist's office the other day and he passed out when he saw it.

What the hell?? Seriously what the hell is this???
by Skidmark McGee March 08, 2007
Top Definition
a person with eight penises
Matt has eight penises. That means that he is one of the rare cocktapus
by Asian Thunder March 22, 2007
a Cocktobulon with eight testicles
"Ohhhhh my cocktapus hurts"
by Bobby Joe October 01, 2003
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