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Similar to dicktastic.
That movie was cocktacular!
by Mandyleh January 25, 2006
10 6
1. adj. A declaration that implies something has exceeding synonymy with cock, or things acquainted with cock, e.g. homosexuality. A demeaning or insulting term.

2. noun. Term given in place when mentioning a previous event, usually one concidered unenjoyable by the one describing it. Can also be said on its own immediatly after an event has taken place to imply that what was just done was homosexual. (From the video game Halo 2 when a player would yell "Killtacular!" right after a killtacular has taken place.)
1. *spits* this soup's cocktacular.

2. That camp was a complete cocktacular.
by Naton September 07, 2006
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