The hole made in the side of a pool used to insert a penis to recieve an underwater blowjob from a girl inside the pool. See scuba-job
"I went over to Home Depot the other day and got a guy to come over to my house and he installed a cock socket in my pool. Now I can get a scuba-job at home!"
by Tim Dooley January 10, 2008
Top Definition
complete whore who's only attribute is her ability to have a cock stuffed in her
Larry's mom is a total cocksocket
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
A girl's asshole--typically a girl with a very attractive butt.
Stephanie has such a nice little ass--I'd like to stretch her sweet little cocksocket.
by Steph M. July 02, 2007
A person, usually female, who acts mainly as a penis receptacle. As with electrical receptacles, cocksockets come in 2 distinct varieties:
1)Standard - average two-holed cocksocket
2)Grounded - cocksockets that take it in the third hole
"(insert name) from (insert sorority abbreviation) is such a cocksocket."

"I grounded that skank last night"
Translation: "I engaged in anal intercourse with that female last night."

"That bitch is grounded."
Translation: "She takes it in the rectum."
by Guy-No March 23, 2008
a stupid slut who can do nothing but want a big, plump, hard cock in any of her wide, loose, gooshy openings.
OMG! That chick is fucking RAGGED! What a COCKSOCKET!!!
by KneeGrow November 25, 2003
The holiest of holies, The place to park ones todger.
Show us yer cock socket bitch.
by Sam Mitchell April 01, 2005
1. Vulgar welsh slang, vagina
from Welsh Newport gang, the GLC
Oooh Claart, I totally missed the cock socket last night
by punkskaitch February 07, 2005
A slang term for the female genitalia, describing their function in receiving the cock.
Toby: Last night I totally stuck it in Kim's cock socket.
Bryce: I like dudes.
by Kevin Raab June 18, 2008
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