A man with exceedingly high pussy-gettin stats. Will likely let someone suck their dick in exchange for a Taco
Distinguished Cocksman Aaron or "Airman" was awarded the Cocksman of the Year.
by Baby Judas April 01, 2013
A man who thinks with his cock first, and his head second.
Why are you surprised that all I think about is sex? I'm not going to apologize. I'm a cocksman!
by morpheus30 July 16, 2010
A group of people united by a single cause
to change the world of PE as we know it
they also will occasionally claim the
names The CT or moose knuckles
The cocksmen owned in basketball.
by Moose Knuckles October 29, 2006
A term, popularized by Owen Wilson in the movie; "Wedding Crashers", to identify a man who lives to have sex, usually in the absence of real love. Tends to think with his penis.
"I tried to practice abstinence for a period of time, but I gave up. There are too many sexy ladies, and I'm a cocksman at heart."
by Lauren M January 19, 2007
Every guy that has ever chose to cheat on his @ the time relationship. Favorite things to talk about revolve souly around anal sex and chicken soup in vagina's. Lady's these are not loving relationships. If your stupid enough to stay with these type it's your own fault you get hurt.
Jay: You wann come over to my place and hang?
Kay: No way dude, your a cocksman and if I don't give you a peice you'll just call a hoe program till you find one that will.

Jay: Your a shit friend
Kay: I'm a smart Woman, not a sloppy horsehoe loosy vaj. You know, the type your into.
by KC'sURBsslinging-eaturselfpus December 07, 2009

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