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One who, while driving, deserves to have their car flip over and explode because they are very poor drivers.
That guy in the pinto is a real cocksmack!
by Dan September 23, 2003
6 25
To smack a person, usually in the face, with one's cock. Often used as a disciplinary maneuver.
If you keep playin' like that, I will cock smack you good.
by Jimmy January 23, 2003
162 48
When someone in a position of authority, particularly at the same place of business, publicly humiliates another of lower status. Makes reference to the direct relationship between one's position on the organization chart and relative size of his (or her) scope of management authority.
Joe tried to give the attractive new receptionist a tour around the office, but his supervisor cock smacked him back to his cubicle, and took over the tour.
by Werewolf Mike May 28, 2008
31 9
Taking out one's penis and smacking someone in the face with it usually as an act of discipline
"Yo bitch if you don't shut up i will cocksmack you!"
by Elliot May 27, 2005
44 22
When one person whips out their cock and smacks them in the face with it. OR usually a gay person who loves cock in their face.
Josh Phil Condrat is a cocksmack.

Josh loves to cocksmack other men (also recieve).

Josh: Hey can you cocksmack in my face
Billy: Sure, as long as you return the favor
Josh: OK, let me get out my skeet box
by Ryan Brockman January 12, 2006
38 19
when a male remove his dick from his pants and gets in the posistion to strike someone usually in the face with it . this is used as a sexual domination tactic or a form of athuority .
mike - (remove dick and cracks cindy in head with it )
cindy - damn i just got cock smacked

mike - fuck yeah you did
by georgie porgie cum in your eye January 22, 2012
5 0
1. The greatest death metal band to come out of Oklahoma.

2. The people who run this website.
I was at the Cocksmack concert and got arrested for "public nudity". AND The people who run Urban Dictionary are a bunch of cocksmackers for not reconizing that Cocksmack (the band) is the greatest ever and refuse to list them on here.
by Obamatang May 28, 2010
4 4
An idiot, who is the cock which is to be smacked among ones face.
"Jimmy, quit be a cocksmack and get out of shotgun, I called it."
by earn7 November 19, 2008
2 4