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Literally, someone who is scared of the cock.
"don't bother trying to get her to come home with you, she's cockshy"
by Billy Bhuna October 06, 2005
1. a person too frightened to have a sexual encounter
2. a sex game where three males with erections stand in formation and the opposing team throw ring doughnuts over the erections - like quoits
1. timid and cock shy she may be - but she loved her rampant rabbit.
2. "we were winning the cock shy by nine points" said trevor dejectedly, "when alec lost his erection and all his doughnuts simply dropped off."
by theWestHamfan November 17, 2003
Entering a public restroom for a quick wizz and upon seeing other men at the urinal, opting to use the stalls instead. Usually implies one has a small penis.
I really don't want to have other men laugh at my 2 inch dick, it makes me all cock shy!
by laserswordofdeath +3 September 08, 2016
A male (usually teenaged) who is pathologically shy about exposing his genitals to other males such as when stripping off in locker room and/or showering publically with other men at a public facility. Someone afflicted with cock shyness is often a mommy's boy with a low bodily self-esteem and poor social skills. These poor fellows will often change into their sports gear at home and leave after the game to shower elsewhere.
Fred: Jimmy's BO could take paint off a wall, doesn't he know how to shower?

Bill: The poor bugger's cock shy. Too afraid to visit the showers in the dorm.
by HarryFlashman June 15, 2013
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