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(n.) A pest-bug with an ability to rebound from danger, and famous for being a sign of a dirty house, and being able to withstand a nuclear war.

Similarly, it can refer to an annoying human who seems to be indestructable, yet annoying to those who don't have the ability to annoy themselves.
Dis man, he is a cock-a-roach.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
178 29
An illegal mexican because they flee like cockroaches when the light is turned on them as they sneak across the border.
Walmart got sued by a bunch of cockroaches after they were discovered by immigration officials.
by jype August 03, 2008
15 14
a word that was use by al pacino in scarface
scarface: i bury you fuckin cockroach

Kingston: did al pacino said cockroach ?

Sean: Yes dude he said that
by Mr. Versatility July 10, 2008
1 0
Referring to two similar species of freshwater fish; both of which originate from the common roach variety. Each breed can be identified as follows:

Long Wang :- A roach which has genitals similar in size and shape to a fully grown human male.
Cockbody :- A roach whose body itself looks similar to a human penis.
Lad 1: Hey, there's a vibrating dildo in your fishing basket.
Lad 2: Nah, that's just the cockroach I caught earlier.
by Campeh February 28, 2008
6 6
n. A horrible penile problem. You start to have unsightly roaches on your cock, often causing immense itching and/or unexpected orgasms. A very common STD, only gay men get it because women don't get them.

a. To be cockroached

Shit, I'm cockroached. No more gay sex!
by iThink February 19, 2008
12 12
a woman with an ugly face but a smokin hot body.

Refering to the fact: when a cockroach's head is seperated from body, the body will still function for days.
mating candidade 1:
see that girl over on the dance floor, i'd like to tickle her schnicle...

mating candidate 2:
not worth the trip man, she's a cockroach.
by concrete general October 14, 2007
5 5
Cockney rhyming slang for 'coach'.
Sidney: My brother-in-law, he is in the coach business. He lets it out for outings and old age pensioners. I drive for him in me spare time.

Ms. Courtney: Would you like to go and ring him Sidney?

Sidney: Oh don't worry, I'll pop around the corner; it's not very far. I'll be back in 10 minutes with a cockroach.

Mr. Brown: A what?

Sidney: With a coach!
by deathmetalfan April 15, 2011
2 3
synonym of crotch bug (crabs).
Man1: Yo, i went out with this girl last night and i think she gave me the cock-roaches.
Man2: You know, once you get the cockroach thing, its impossible to get all of them without shaving.
by zebobbybird June 28, 2009
2 3