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(n.) A pest-bug with an ability to rebound from danger, and famous for being a sign of a dirty house, and being able to withstand a nuclear war.

Similarly, it can refer to an annoying human who seems to be indestructable, yet annoying to those who don't have the ability to annoy themselves.
Dis man, he is a cock-a-roach.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
186 30
1. A vile, evil little bastard excuse of a bug
2. Someone who is cocky all the time
1. AAAUUUGHH! theres that fucking cockroach again!
2. Dude stop being a cockroach theres no way she`ll go out with you
by blu3hat + S1appy December 30, 2010
5 1
A derogatory term used to describe individuals with poor credit.
Walter the broker: Can they get a loan?
Jack the salesman: No, they have had multiple chargeoffs and a bankrupcy; damned cockroahes.
by Shahin January 31, 2005
16 12
A promiscuous man that lurks in clubs. He is probably the hottest guy there, but he has deplorable hygiene and he's probably got STDs. He's also the only guy in the club clever enough to wear eyeliner.
-That guy over there is so choice, I've got to meet him. Oh, wait, he looks like a cockroach.

-He's such a cockroach, I heard he has AIDs. Too bad, I love a guy in leather.
by ladycreeper June 19, 2014
1 0
An illegal mexican because they flee like cockroaches when the light is turned on them as they sneak across the border.
Walmart got sued by a bunch of cockroaches after they were discovered by immigration officials.
by jype August 03, 2008
15 14
a word that was use by al pacino in scarface
scarface: i bury you fuckin cockroach

Kingston: did al pacino said cockroach ?

Sean: Yes dude he said that
by Mr. Versatility July 10, 2008
1 0
n. sometimes referred to as a cockroach player. a man who lies, deceives, and leads a woman on for the purpose of getting her to bed.

derivative: cockroaches are the only organism that can survive a nuclear attack. human male cockroaches can sustain anything. as a woman, you may squish them, pour boric acid on them, think you have heard it all, but they keep surfacing with new player lines or techniques that outsmart even the smartest chicks.

when cornered, these cockroaches often run under the sink to avoid confrontation.
ex.: he kept laying on his cockroach player lines by telling me how much he liked me, how special he thought i was, how hes never felt like this before, how hes falling for me, how he wants to have me around for the long haul, only to find out that after weeks of this behavior, he hit the dust never to be heard from again.
by Dating Tips For Men May 22, 2006
13 12
A car buyer with terrible credit. Someone who never pays their bills. A person who thinks they can buy a new or used car even though they have very bad credit.
He can’t buy this car without a co-signer and a huge down payment because he’s a stinking (Cock) Roach who just had a repo last month!
by Cal Worthington August 20, 2005
15 14