swarms of black people. they are the same color, their dirty they both are disliked and discusted, their both rude because they walk in your house uninvited. they scare you when you look at them because of their nasty ass appearence. they always want what you got,they hate clean carpet but like to crawl on dirty floors.last but not least, there is way too many of them and they overpopulate and you can never get rid of them.
damn!! you see all them?? the cockroaches are out tonite!
by my bo0ty October 11, 2006
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A version of English spoken by inner-city Blacks consisting primarily of the noun "Mofo" and the verb "Mofo". Incomprehensible to pasty-faced white folks.
Urbanite#1:"Yo mofo, mofo mofo mofo mofo!"
Urbanite#2:"That's so, Mofo."
Confused Honkey:"What the fuck...oh, they're speaking cockroach."
by Kieran Le Petomaine November 20, 2006
Vile little crawling, flying, swimming bastards who have come from Satan
I fuckin HATE roaches
by nbc August 19, 2004
A scary-ass bug.
You squash one and two more come crawling out of the wall.
by Luka April 21, 2004
(n.) A pest-bug with an ability to rebound from danger, and famous for being a sign of a dirty house, and being able to withstand a nuclear war.

Similarly, it can refer to an annoying human who seems to be indestructable, yet annoying to those who don't have the ability to annoy themselves.
Dis man, he is a cock-a-roach.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
Person who has no honor...an unloyal person,a person who goes against their word.
a man who ain't got his word is a cockroach
by batts October 14, 2006
Military recruiting euphemism for unsolicited recruiting targets, after their practice of lounging around at public places looking for younger people of a lesser education to hassle into joining the military.The implication is the recruiters think whoever they throw their enlistment spin at is poor and dumb enough to fall for it.
Army Recruiter 1: Look at those two cockroaches about 30 feet ahead, they look like Mc Job types.

Recruiter 2: Let's go see......

Army recruiter 1 (again)....... Have you thought about enlisting in the Army lately ???
by Piranha May 16, 2006
A citizen from France
Wow, here's one of these slimy french cockroaches invading the sewers in Washington!
by Dubya February 25, 2005

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