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1. The opposite of cockblock.
2. To help a guy score with a chick.
"She seemed hesitant, then her friend came over and they had a private conversation. After that she was practically jumped my bones. Her friend was a total cockprop."
by Jim February 23, 2005
49 2

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The opposite of cock block. Before you think to yourself "wow these guys are losers, think wow i look really good around them. these guys are cock props."
riley- "dude. isaac is a total cock block. cant get anything around him."
nick- "dude. he is so lame he makes you look pretty darn good. hes a cock prop."
by tonneamcher,koertge,talamantez September 26, 2009
24 4
a third party who aids the efforts of getting two people together for sex by way of influincing their reluctant friend; a subset duty of a "wingman" or "wingwoman"; the opposite of a cock block.
Initally, it was looking bad for Billy. The girl he was hitting on (Suzy) wasn't 100% sold. Billy's wingman, while good, wasn't quite on his game. Fortunately, Suzy's friend Betty, in her capacity as Suzy's wingwoman, decided to cockprop Billy and talk him up to Suzy in the woman's bathroom. With wingwoman approval, Suzy decided to go home with Billy.
by Billydee February 23, 2005
6 3