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when a man sticks his dick in a taco shell and puts hot sauce on it.
i gave my girl a cocko for dinner last night.
by john kimble September 09, 2003
A term used to define the type of tacos when one has been drinking at 4am. Often used when around a tattoo artist named "Rooster."
Malice: "I want hash brows and biscuits."

Server: "We are all out of Biscuits."

Malice: @Rooster "Damn, I knew I should have gotten COCKOS at COCKO cabana"

Rooster: "You said Cocko's!"

Malice: "No I didn't! Just give me the country fried steak!. Fuck that Chicken Fried Shyt!"
by Malice Joyce September 05, 2011
Word used to describe someone who so utterly annoying, and queer. Instead of cock, cocko is used to emphasise their 'gayness'
Isaac: Man I am so cool, you WISH you could be like me
Sal: PFFFT whatever, why would I? Your such a loser.. look at your hair you queer!
Isaac: your just jealous man, everyone is
Sal: okay, then your a cocko
by Saleem D April 01, 2007
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