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1.) someone who cannot get enough of the male genetalia

2.) An insult to a guy; an irrational or annoying man

3.) Daniel Olson

4.)Steve Parkin
Steve Parkin is such a cockmonger that no one will even be in the same locker room, for fear of Steve Parkin falling out of their open zipper when changing they draws!
by The Babysat July 18, 2004
32 37
One who savors the taste of cock
That girl is such a cock monger.
by Billy Dean December 04, 2002
416 131
someone that cant get enough cock
Scott Burrill is the biggest cockmonger this side of the mississippi
by scott burrill December 09, 2003
132 48
one who incredibley desires a dick insertion of either their coot bag or their corn bomber
wow that slizzo janey is such a cock monger
by Frank Mcdank July 07, 2006
141 76
Derived from the Afro-Saxon made, Cock. And the latin Mahnger. A Cock Monger is one who has an unquenchable thirst for Cock.
Jessica Alba is such a Cock Monger.
by The Real Sweetlou August 19, 2008
80 40
One who loves and worships the cock so much, that they can summon it at great will
"That bitch is such a cockmonger!"
by Seth March 23, 2005
93 61
1. Some one or some thing that enjoys eating a heeping pile of cock.

2. A cock lover.
"God he is such a Cock Monger!"
by D0NNY May 08, 2010
48 22
A kleptomaniac specializing in cock, who then sells it.
"I heard Lorena Bobbit tried to sell her husband's dick after she cut it off. What a cockmonger."
by Elastin November 24, 2008
50 29