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a dirty mexican who runs a cockfighting ring out of the back of his bodega.
Man, I owe that cockmobster thirtyfive pesos, or else he has my eyes pecked out...
by Yuengling September 26, 2003
8 5
noun: any person who cant live without being penetrated by a cock every single day. it is highly likely that this person would be labelled by society as a skank.
"We were at the beach
Everybody had matching towels
Somebody went under a dock
And there they saw a cock.
But it wasn't a cock,
It was a cock mobster!!!"

Dave: "The cock mobster i mail-ordered from Iceland came with a predisposed case of gona-herpa-tita-warts! soooooo not cool, man..."
by the storm drains May 19, 2009
101 11
one who rules, by the cock for the cock to benifit the cock - hence, in the mob of cokcs, the head cock, with balls.
THe cock mobster commanded the attention of the crowd, drawing the hearts and minds minds in the midst of the confusion of war on government.
by John "Cock Mobster" Dickknight October 11, 2003
17 9
(n.) A typically derogatory term for a male homosexual.
Yo, dat cat is a cock mobster fo real, dawg!
by CrunkDawg June 02, 2003
2 17