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An insult that hints that the insultee is in dire need, of some goggles for his cock.
Shut the hell up you cockgoggle.
by Bob January 12, 2004
3 3
As a followup to tea bagging, slapping a cock against a person's eyes until they are bruised to the point where they resemble goggles. As the bruising was a direct result of a cock slapping their eyes, the condition is known as "cock goggles"
Dave shouldn't have passed out so hard on the cruise because now he has to spend the rest of it wearing his cock goggles.
by BABABHOOSH June 15, 2010
3 0
The word cockgoggle can be used in many ways, when someone wishes to express general displeasure they would use the cockgoggles form of the word.

Cockgoggles is also the more preferred word to use in place of cockgoggle as an insult, much in the same way you would use the words goggles or pants as opposed to goggle or pant, which should only be used in cases such as referring to a pant leg or a goggle lens.
Person 1: Dude, they decided to replace Cortana with Guilty Spark in Halo 3.

Person 2: Cockgoggles! That's going to ruin the game!

Person 1: Naw man, I'm just messing with you.

Person 2: Man, you can be such a cockgoggles sometimes.
by Necromas July 22, 2007
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