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a feeble attempt at a moustache, usually by the pubescent, which would perhaps be more apt at lightly tickling the penis in a homosexual act rather than acting as a moustache
"have you seen the cockduster that newspaper boy has been sporting recently?"
by chris wal December 29, 2007
A woman's unsightly facial hair. It only refers to a woman's mustache, not a man's.
-Would you go out with that chick?
-Fuck no; she refuses to shave off her cock duster.
by Ape Lincoln March 23, 2006
Noun. A thick and full moustache reminiscent of those sported by gay males, especially Freddie Mercury.
Check out the cock duster Bruce is wearing.
by suomi August 27, 2005
A mustache
He had a thick cock duster
by Leroy June 05, 2003
The unsightly mustache hairs.

See Also ball sweeper]
Don't worry, her cock duster will keep all the attention off her ball sweeper.
by CGM January 05, 2005
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