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Any overt sign of an active STD, visibly present on a man's penis, such as warts, blisters, sores, or other lesions.
She ran screaming from the bedroom after she saw his nasty cockbarnacle.
by Pope Antonio April 30, 2006
16 5

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(1)An ever-present, overly persistent and/or unwanted suitor or friend of a male. (2)A stalker.
man 1: Who's that fat chick that keeps hanging around you?
man 2: Some fucking cock barnacle that won't leave me alone.

man 3: Hey, man are we hanging tonight or what?
man 4: Relax dude! We aren't married. Why you gotta be such a damn cock barnacle?
by lanstopher March 05, 2009
4 0
One who is an unending annoyance to others in the worst way at the worst time.
"My little brother managed to volunteer himself as my escort to my girlfriends house. I swear until my mom gets a babysitter he will continue to be a total cock barnacle.
by Bill H Black July 06, 2005
10 16