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Any overt sign of an active STD, visibly present on a man's penis, such as warts, blisters, sores, or other lesions.
She ran screaming from the bedroom after she saw his nasty cockbarnacle.
by Pope Antonio April 30, 2006
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(1)An ever-present, overly persistent and/or unwanted suitor or friend of a male. (2)A stalker.
man 1: Who's that fat chick that keeps hanging around you?
man 2: Some fucking cock barnacle that won't leave me alone.

man 3: Hey, man are we hanging tonight or what?
man 4: Relax dude! We aren't married. Why you gotta be such a damn cock barnacle?
by lanstopher March 05, 2009
A guy with Herpes on his dick
"Did Richard really get Herpes from rawing Johnny?"
"Yeah know they both have cock barnacles!"
by Drfrankenstoner August 07, 2015
One who is an unending annoyance to others in the worst way at the worst time.
"My little brother managed to volunteer himself as my escort to my girlfriends house. I swear until my mom gets a babysitter he will continue to be a total cock barnacle.
by Bill H Black July 06, 2005

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