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v. Committing an extremely public "career limiting move".

n. The career limiting move itself.

(After Ben "Hatchet Wound" Cochran, an East Carolina nursing student who effectively ended his career before it began by writing an epically sexist rant for the school paper that subsequently went viral on the net.)
"He had a promising career in politics before he cochraned himself accidentally spamming his donors list with kiddy porn."

"Yeah, that was one hell of a cochran."
by ElectricMonkey October 03, 2011
n. to have a moment of unbelievable clarity brought on by truth or undeniable facts and sometimes having a slightly humorous effect. (In reference to the late great Johnny Cochran's defense of O.J. where he put the haton his head and the gloves on his hands and said 'If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.'"
After group discussion, I had a cochran and then subsequently suggested that it's in our best interests to have an orgy together. I mean Dan is gay-curious, Sharon is bi,and my wife and I are free lovers.
by bob digitech August 09, 2008
A Cochran is a cigarillo or Black & Mild that has been gutted, had a cigarette filter placed in one end, and re-rolled. There are a variety of possible outcomes and types of Cochrans depending on what kind of wrapper and tobacco the torcedor uses. El Gran Torcedor, inventer of the Cochran, has been known to mix the tobacco that came with the cigar and tobacco from another type of cigarillo, cigarette tobacco, or pipe tobacco.
"Aye, you wanna hit this?" "Sure bro...Damn. This shit is hella good! What is this?" "That Sir, is a Cochran you're smoking." "A Cochran??? It looks like a Swisher, but tastes like loveliness...It's like an orgasm in my mouth...I-I-I mean it's like my mouth had an orgasm; not like someone orgasm'd in my mouth."
by SirSmokeALot November 25, 2013
A germanic last name. Old family history shows that this family was a typical, average, and very mediocre lineage which was at the top of the peasant class but not good enough to reach the middle class, and definitely not the aristocratic class. One of Cochran heritage is typically a follower rather than a leader, and is often at the bottom of the social ladder.
Oh, she won't be president of Student Council...she's a Cochran.
by D elicious April 07, 2010
another name for penis or dick that came from the last name of a vice principal everyone hated and wasnt sure if "it" was a male or female vice
kale- dude i'm sweating like a cochran
by free2rhyme27 August 21, 2008
Word to describe a huge,fat woman.
Check that Cochran out, I know you want her.
by Drew Lach February 27, 2007
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