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- "wot u bin up2 man?"

- "nufin much jus cochin"
by Raw 2 Da Core September 03, 2003
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coch is to chill with ya frends at ther"yard" as they call it it basiclly means 2 socialise with some ov your m8s
wagwan bredda wana coch at my yard
yes it wud be quite enthralling to socialise with you my good frend
by bad boi bundy December 12, 2005
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A music genius who is adorable and sweet and the greatest lover in the world.
As soon as our eyes met I knew he was a COCH.
by Buddy January 25, 2005
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from french word :cochon, wich means pork. Used to call the cops in Montréal.
Cops are arresting Tom.
Tom: esti de sales COCH tabarnak!
by alex September 24, 2003
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This term comes from one of the many great philosophers of this century = Lishi Loo. It was generated from a misprint of "coach" and turned out to be "coch".
One of fortune Ltd assets is Coch...i mean coach.
by Chola June 21, 2004
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