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A really thick, fat, poorly rolled joint.
Cody: smoke a cobbler?
Everyone: fuck off Cody it's 2pm on a Wednesday.
by Tyler68 December 21, 2013
a crazy old woman that walks EVERYWHERE around torbay munching on her figs
man that cobbler loves to walk
by ailish980 January 07, 2008
A dessert one makes by stewing leather shoes.
Hey Ray! want some cobbler?
by Dmanyoyoyo May 25, 2012
The worst mascot ever for a High school!
(yes, its a real mascot)
We went to the state Basketball tournament and cheered for the Cobblers!
by Erik Belsaas March 16, 2005
A large mass of one type of Substance
If you eat to many mushies you will get Poo Cobbler.
by Uncle Joe July 31, 2003
the act of busting a load on a girls face, then her wiping it on her index finger, and jamming that finger straight up your ass.
As soon as i got off on her face, sally gave me a real deep cobbler.
by BlumpKING July 30, 2004