A portmanteau of "cock gobbler".
You know that shoe repair store in the mall? You might think he'd have a foot fetish, but the old man who works there is actually a huge cobbler -- he takes about 10 guys a day in the back room and sucks them off.
by p0ppa May 04, 2016
n. A penis which has a very long, but skinny, thin shaft, with a huge bellend. And when I say skinny, thin shaft, I mean it. I mean, it has the Girth of a pencil.

It's kind of like a wrecking ball, but it's a dick.
Amy: Hey, Jess! How was that guy you nailed last night?

Jess: Eew. I don't wanna talk about it it. His penis... It was a cobbler! I coulda tied a DOUBLE knot in it!
by Rubber Roddy November 30, 2011
An Australianism meaning the same thing as mate. That, according to Daniel Ricciardo, is proper Australian.
G'day cobbler, ya alright.
by Da Ginga ninja May 25, 2015
a crazy old woman that walks EVERYWHERE around torbay munching on her figs
man that cobbler loves to walk
by ailish980 January 07, 2008
A large mass of one type of Substance
If you eat to many mushies you will get Poo Cobbler.
by Uncle Joe July 31, 2003
The worst mascot ever for a High school!
(yes, its a real mascot)
We went to the state Basketball tournament and cheered for the Cobblers!
by Erik Belsaas March 16, 2005
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