n. A penis which has a very long, but skinny, thin shaft, with a huge bellend. And when I say skinny, thin shaft, I mean it. I mean, it has the Girth of a pencil.

It's kind of like a wrecking ball, but it's a dick.
Amy: Hey, Jess! How was that guy you nailed last night?

Jess: Eew. I don't wanna talk about it it. His penis... It was a cobbler! I coulda tied a DOUBLE knot in it!
by Rubber Roddy November 30, 2011
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A kitchen worker that possesses no useful skills and is considered absolute rock bottom in the culinary field. This person is not deserving of the term shoemaker. A cobbler is characterized by frequent burning of foods, tasteless end products, unsightly plated entrees, poor sanitation practices, and a general sense of worthlessness.
Chef 1: "Did you taste that garbage Philly put out for the reception?"

Chef 2: "Yes, unfortunately. Apparently, the best he could muster."

Chef 3: "Poor bastard thinks he's a Chef; just a cobbler after all."
by Hobo2 October 11, 2006
English Cockney Rhyming slang: cobbler's awls - balls. Awls in this case being tools used by cobblers (shoe-makers).
It was a right load of cobblers!
by Ian Chode September 22, 2003
A shoe maker (or a shoe cobbler- together-er)
I went to the cobbler because the sole of my sneaker fell off
by The Walking Dictionary December 06, 2006
A cock gobbler
"Gobble- To eat swiftly"
"Yo! Stop being a cobbler and pass the remote."
by PLUMBERT November 03, 2008
Noun - A contraction of "Cock-gobbler" or "Cum-gobbler" for a woman who performs copious oral sex on multiple male partners (although not neccessarily all at once).

also: verb - to C'obble
Dave: Dude, did you hear about Amie? She totally gave head to, like, twelve dudes last night!
Eric: Yeah, that girl is such a C'obbler.
by DrumSpot5.5 December 13, 2009
A really thick, fat, poorly rolled joint.
Cody: smoke a cobbler?
Everyone: fuck off Cody it's 2pm on a Wednesday.
by Tyler68 December 21, 2013

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