n. A penis which has a very long, but skinny, thin shaft, with a huge bellend. And when I say skinny, thin shaft, I mean it. I mean, it has the Girth of a pencil.

It's kind of like a wrecking ball, but it's a dick.
Amy: Hey, Jess! How was that guy you nailed last night?

Jess: Eew. I don't wanna talk about it it. His penis... It was a cobbler! I coulda tied a DOUBLE knot in it!
by Rubber Roddy November 30, 2011
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A kitchen worker that possesses no useful skills and is considered absolute rock bottom in the culinary field. This person is not deserving of the term shoemaker. A cobbler is characterized by frequent burning of foods, tasteless end products, unsightly plated entrees, poor sanitation practices, and a general sense of worthlessness.
Chef 1: "Did you taste that garbage Philly put out for the reception?"

Chef 2: "Yes, unfortunately. Apparently, the best he could muster."

Chef 3: "Poor bastard thinks he's a Chef; just a cobbler after all."
by Hobo2 October 11, 2006
English Cockney Rhyming slang: cobbler's awls - balls. Awls in this case being tools used by cobblers (shoe-makers).
It was a right load of cobblers!
by Ian Chode September 22, 2003
A cock gobbler
"Gobble- To eat swiftly"
"Yo! Stop being a cobbler and pass the remote."
by PLUMBERT November 03, 2008
A shoe maker (or a shoe cobbler- together-er)
I went to the cobbler because the sole of my sneaker fell off
by The Walking Dictionary December 06, 2006
Noun - A contraction of "Cock-gobbler" or "Cum-gobbler" for a woman who performs copious oral sex on multiple male partners (although not neccessarily all at once).

also: verb - to C'obble
Dave: Dude, did you hear about Amie? She totally gave head to, like, twelve dudes last night!
Eric: Yeah, that girl is such a C'obbler.
by DrumSpot5.5 December 13, 2009
n. A police officer. Derivative of cop, copper. See also popo, smokey, the fuzz, 5-0. Most often used in the plural, i.e. the cobblers.
Our apartment got broken into. The cobblers said they wouldn't dust for prints.

We were high as birds and being really loud only to find out that the cobblers were parked right around the corner.
by jeejee0 August 01, 2005

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