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This is a word used by people who like to refrain from verbosity. It means "cowboy boots."
I'm wearing my cobs to the country jamboree.
by Selah4u February 12, 2010
0 10
Acronym word for "College of Business." Popularized at Shippensburg University, where the COB was also knows as the J.L.G.
"I gotta get to class in the COB."
by K-Faulk March 16, 2005
5 16
Cooperation of bears!
the bears that fight viggo and destroy the fur fighters in the quest to save the world and the matrix!
the types of bears are: polar, brown, black, panda, and grizzly bear!
there are also peacocks, dragons, alligators, and geese
by C.O.B leader November 03, 2003
7 18
HOB A similar yet less derrogatory remark about a guy doing something with his girlfriend over his mate "Chicks Over Bros"
You promised you were gunna get hell maggot. Man youre a COB.
by Grinning Lobster September 10, 2003
2 13
clothes over boys.Putting fashion and fabric over guys.Similer to M.O.B.(Money over bitches)
I am a C.O.B.I always put clothes over boys.Fashion is forever,boy are WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jalisa Cater March 02, 2008
6 21
C.O.B-Children of Bodom-enough said
C.O.B...its a band they play music and stuff
by meat puppet 666 November 13, 2005
17 33
another version of FOB. COB stands for Captain of the Boat.
Basically the FOB of all FOBs
Hoon Hyung came just last semester from the motherland... He's a C.O.B. fo sho
by JJLee March 06, 2006
8 27